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Radheshyam Das
M.Tech – IIT Mumbai
President – Iskcon Pune

"Srimad Bhagavatam calls devatas as `chaayeva karma sacivah sadhavo dina vatsalah’ (SB 11.2.6) which means devatas are merely agent of our Karma, whereas pure devotees of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna can interfere with our Karma and uplift us to the spiritual platform. I always searched for someone who knows the Vaishnava siddhanta nicely and who also knows Astrology deeply, so that I can direct people who approach me regarding their concerns of marriage settlement or serious decisions in life settlement. I found Anantha Padmanabha is a sincere practitioner of Krishna consciousness knowing subtleties of loving relationship between Bhagavan and Bhakta besides being a great expert in field of Astrology. With this blend, I wish him a bright career in Astrology field to do ultimate good to innumerable souls".

Shubha Vilas
Author, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Life Style Coach

"Ananta is a very intuitive yet pragmatic. It's a pleasure to see such a young person get such deep understanding and insights into such a vast astrological science. I have always seen that his findings are always accurate and yet his advices practically applicable".

Keshavananda Das
MBBS, Chairman – Gyst (www.gyst.in)

"Astrology is certainly a powerful tool if you know the science behind it I was impressed with Anantha giving exact diagnosis of the problem of many and precision on happening of events. Being a man of deep values I trust his credentials and judgments. May people take benefit of his analytical power and Jyotish combined together".

Vimal Kumar
BE, MS – University of Texas at Arlington
Principal Software Engineer @ EMC Data Storage

"It is my good fortune to have known Sri Anantha Padmanabha for past 7 years. Apart from his excellent skills that our family has much benefited from, the more important consideration is his personal excellence in character, ethics, responsibility & his selfless service to society at large specifically to the Youth. It is with a glad heart & highest confidence that I recommend anybody to take his valuable guidance for Astrology and Spiritual matters".

Santosh C S
Chief Marketing Officer, S4 India

"I have observed that Anantha Padmanabha, guide people appropriately by giving good advice, suggestions and help wherever possible. As he has Vedic knowledge i.e spiritual understanding through Srila Prabhupad’s books as well as an understanding in Astrology, I think, this combination is terrific and his solutions & suggestions are very appealing to the mind and convincing logically. Very very rare, do we find this combination, in current day scenario.
I am happy to recommend his services to my friends & others for any type of astrology related consultations. ".

MSc (Comp. Sc.)
Home maker

Highly professional in the field of Astrology and he personally takes the efforts to satisfactorily clarify and elaborate on every concern of the client. His method of working is very transparent and his conclusions are logically rooted.

V Shravan Kumar
B.Tech & M.Tech – IIT Kharagpur
PhD (IISc, Bangalore)

Mr.Anantha’s knowledge of Astrology is deep and his predictions are precise. His knowledge of Bhagavat Gita and his counseling skills make him a Unique Astrologer. Not just his knowledge but even his disciplined Vedic Lifestyle makes him a charming Astrologer. Having come from a scientific background his approach to Astrology has been quite analytical, commendable and appealing to modern mind. I am confident that his clients will definitely leave his office with clarity in their life.

Sudhakar Pothu
MSc Math, MS (CS) Germany,
ME (CS) Poland. IB Educator.

An excellent Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish Acharya Anantha Padmanabha's Astro-analysis is accurate and to the point. He is very learned not only in Astrology but also in a vast range of Vedic texts which makes his analysis and presentation holistic and truly direction giving. His approach to our needs is very systematic and crisp. Our experience is wonderful and we recommend every interested individual to get connected with Mr. Anantha.

Shrestha Sinha Ray
Graduate Assistant, Microbiology and Cell Science,
University of Florida

This service is amazing. He (Anantha) gives great advice. His analysis for matrimonial horoscope match is very helpful. Will surely recommend him for this great service.

Chethan M R
Petroleum engineer - IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

By reading the Astrological analysis given by Mr.Anantha, I got more faith in Vedic Sciences like Astrology. He has given accurate details which nobody else knew. It seemed like reading my mind from a bar code ! I will always take his advice seriously for my life and recommend for others too.