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Fixing Muhurtha for any auspicious events/Samskaras

Names for newly born babies

Match Making/Compatibility check

Rectificaiton of Birth Time (for those who do not know the exact time of birth)

Detailed analysis of the Horoscope


Spiritual Life

We check the below details in the Horoscope

  • Indications about Purva Punya (Pious credit from past life) which helps one to start his/her spiritual life in this life time
  • Interest about Religion, God, Higher power beyond this world
  • Intelligence to understand Holy Scriptures and its Philosophy
  • Disinterest in objects of this world
  • Level of detachment
  • Which period is helpful to make strong attempt to grow in spiritual life
  • Destined to get a right guidance
  • Godly qualities like Humility, Love, Compassion, etc
  • Is it possible to attain Moksha

Fixing Muhurtha for any auspicious events/Samskaras

When right things are done at right time then the possibility of success rate increases manifold We fix Muhurthas for all kinds of auspicious events like:

Pre-marriage Samskaras:

Pre-natal Samskaras:

  • Garbhadhana Samskara or Conception
  • Pumsavana
  • Seemanta

Samskaras of Childhood:

  • Jata Karma or welcoming a new soul
  • Naamakarana or Naming ceremony
  • Niskramana or First coming out of house
  • Annaprashana or First feeding of grain to the child
  • Chudakarana or Tonsure
  • Karnavedha or Ear boring

Edicational Samskaras:

  • Vidya arambha or starting of education
  • Upanayana or Thread ceremony
  • Veda arambha or Learning to study Vedas
  • Keshantha or First shaving after completing education
  • Samavartana or holy bath signifying completion of educations

Other Samskaras:

  • Vivah or Marriage
  • Antya samskara or Crematio

Names for newly born babies

  • Basic details about the Horoscope
  • Basic health
  • Basic Education
  • All over basic information about the child
  • Based on the Janma Rashi & Nakshatra/Star, we recommend the starting letter for the name
  • We do not make detailed analysis of the child until the child is 12 years old


  • Am I entitled to have a child
  • If entitled, when can I have a child
  • Is problem with husband or wife
  • Will interference of doctors help
  • Is there any kind or dosha or shaapa which is creating obstruction to conceive
  • What kind of treatment will help
  • Muhurtha for conception
  • Remedial measures to conceive

About Education

  • What is the nature of the child
  • Level of IQ & comprehensive capabilities
  • As per his/her nature what kind of education is suitable
  • Which subject to choose for Degree, PG, Super specialty, etc
  • Good & bad period during Education

About Profession

  • As per the nature what kind of Job is suitable
  • Is there Job satisfaction
  • Any problems, obstacles in profession
  • What kind of Job can help to make wealth
  • Whether Business is suitable or not
  • Good & bad period in profession

About Marriage

  • Timing of marriage
  • Any obstacles in marriage
  • Delay in marriage
  • No marriage
  • Love or arrange marriage
  • Inter caste or inter religion marriage
  • Divorce, relationship problems
  • Post marital happiness
  • Whether spouse is helpful, supportive or not
  • Good & bad period in marital life

Match Making/Compatibility check

  • Analysis of nature & their compatibility between boy & girl
  • Body, Mind & Intelligence Compatibility between boy & girl
  • As it is said in the vedic scriptures: रुनानुबन्द रूपेण पशु पत्नि सुतालय,
  • Checking Runaanubandha connection between boy & girl
  • Longevity of both boy & girl
  • Indication of marital happiness after marriage
  • Checking of good or bad Period of both boy & girl
  • Dosha Samyam – Analysing Quantum of Dosha
  • Koota Milan
  • Good & bad period in marital life

About Property

Astrology can help a person to know:

  • Whether am I entitled to get a property
  • If one is entitled then when will he get it
  • If one gets it then how will he get it (will it be easy/difficult/ struggling, etc)
  • If one gets it then what kind of property will he get it (luxurious house/old house/problematic house, etc)
  • Whether the property is clean or under litigation
  • Whether one will buy it by cash or Bank loan
  • Will he get loan sanction immediately or struggle
  • Is investing on property a right choice or any risks involved

About Wealth & Financial Management

  • Am I destined to have good wealth or is there Dhana Yoga
  • If I am destined to have wealth, when will I get it
  • How much I should struggle to make wealth
  • How to make wealth
  • How to reduce loss
  • Efficient & Effective management of funds
  • Planning, Organizing, Directing & Controlling Funds

Future prediction with time line

  • Details about next 5 years
  • Which part of life has to be taken care
  • Is there a tangible growth with respect to Ayuh (life), Arogya (Health) & Aishwarya (Wealth)

Corporate Astrology

Challenges faced by Employers, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs:

  • Employees jump from one company to another every 6 months or an year after getting little experience
  • Even those who stay – do not work to their best capacity
  • Take more salary but deliver less
  • Not trustworthy
  • Do not take responsibility
  • Lack of values, character, inactiveness
  • Bad attitude towards company, boss, etc

Note: In interviews we can only find people’s Competence, knowledge, skills, etc but cannot find their Character, Values, Hard working nature, good attitude, etc

Astrology can help to find:

  • The right person to the right position, may it be Executive, Sales Man, Accountant, Manager, AVP, VP, CEO, etc
  • Employer can filter based on skills & Astrologer can filter based on Character, Attitude, etc
  • Right Investment ideas
  • Right partnership:
    • with whom I can make partnership
    • how long this partnership will work
  • New Business Enterprise
    • When to start
    • Where to start
    • How much to invest


The Prashna branch is another unique division of Vedic Astrology. When a person asks a question to an astrologer, based on the time at which the question is asked, a horoscope is made for that time and date. With the help of this chart the astrologer predicts about the events that are going to take place. There are several types of Prashna systems and it is almost a separate science by itself. Normally the Prashna chart is studied along with the birth chart to give an additional dimension to predict the results correctly.

All the classical books on this subject have codified results depending upon various permutation and combination of planets in the Prashna Chart under common headings such as the following:

  • Gains & losses
  • Travels, coming & going in general
  • The invasion & retreat of enemy
  • Queries about one who is abroad / return of traveler
  • Success and defeat
  • Recovery from disease
  • Loss or gain
  • Success or failure in the new venture
  • Lost articles
  • Marriage /Birth of children (Male / female)
  • Miscellaneous matters

Interesting thing about this Prashna is we do not need any birth details and we take the timing of Prashna/Question to be the birth time of the question and answer accordingly..

Remedial Measures

Remedial Measures, is a much misunderstood subject due to various reasons. It is as difficult and complex as diagnosis and treatment of disease.

पूर्व जन्म क्रुतम् पापम्
व्याधिरूपेण बादते
तच्चन्तिहि औषदिः धानैः
जप होमार्चनाधिभिः


The results of pervious deeds (Karma) will manifest in the form of diseases & troubles. To alleviate them, we can use medicines, charity, chant mantras/ congregational chanting of mantras and worship the Lord by Homa, Yahna, Havana, etc.
This is not just enough. We should stop committing sins further.

For mitigating the intensity of the pains and problems one has to undertake remedies and the performance of remedy demands "Shraddha/Faith" and "Devotion/Bhakti". These strong belief and hope will bring favorable results.

Ramayan: Aranyakanda says:

अन्यथ व्रिधनम्तु
कर्तव्यम् शुभमिच्चत
अपाद मस्तक मनेन
पुरुशेन विपश्चित


To overcome adversities in future as foreseen, the man who wants to have favorable situation, should think of remedies.

Rectification of Birth Time

(For those who do not know the exact time of birth)

To make the analysis of the Horoscope, it is necessary to know the exact time of birth. Sometimes even a five-minute inaccuracy can cause a very significant error. Therefore, the time for creating a horoscope should be defined as accurately as possible. After all, if a planet in five minutes moves into another sign, or into another astrological house, its interpretation will change substantially.

Hence, rectifying Birth time is the most tedious job but it is very important for the individual to have his/her Horoscope rectified for the right guidance in the future.

Detailed Analysis of Horoscope

  • All the important points of life is covered in this service