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The Vedic understanding is that every aspect of life is sacred. That is why each significant stage, from conception to cremation OR from womb to tomb, is celebrated as a reminder that life is a gift from God which should be duly respected and lived according to His wishes.

The nearest English word for samskara is sacrament, related to the phrase 'rite of passage’. Although the number of samskaras prescribed by various scriptures varies, there are sixteen that are a consensus among scholars. Read More

Every individual in this world aspires to have an Own House or Property & this indeed becomes a top priority goal in many people’s life. When we look at the world, we see some are born with luxury of enjoying ancestors property, some make it by themselves smoothly, some struggle & get it and many struggle but don’t get it, Why ? Is God partial? Read More

Is Astrology Suitable for Devotees ?

Astrology (Jyotisha) is described as "the eye of the Vedas". The Vedic version (not the Western type) is a bona fide science, and is considered essential in Vedic society, so much so that even the Supreme Lord, although beyond all astrological considerations, nonetheless adheres to them while performing His humanlike pastimes. Read More

Are we the makers of our destiny

Socrates wondered about it. LaoTzu pondered it. So did our own ancient rishis. Is our success predestined? Or is it in our hands? It's in our hands alone, says Bharat, who hopes to get into IIT. But when his chances for making it have so much to do with how many other kids apply,.. Read More